Funeral Vehicles

Limousines & Vehicles

O.G. Harries has elegant, modern Ford funeral limousines which can seat 7 people in total. If you have a large funeral and require several limousines, we can arrange this for you.

Our new Ford hearse, Limousines and saloon cars can chauffeur passengers comfortably between your desired locations. We can also provide specialist vehicles, including a motorcycle hearse or a horse drawn carriage. If you would like to discuss this option, please contact or alternatively you can call us on 01269 870 350.

Funerals Cross Hands O G HARRIES HORSE CART

Horse Drawn Carriage

O.G. Harries can arrange a horse drawn carriage for funerals. We have both a black hearse and a white hearse. 

The black hearse is a Marsden copy, finished to a high standard with dark red and gold upholstery and varnished wood interior.

The white hearse is an original Marsden hearse, which has been restored also to a high standard.

All horses are highly cared for and are well trained. The horses are black Friesian horses and Hungarian Greys with good manners.

We can arrange many types of drape including rugby clubs, names and more.